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BPP University BPP Professional Education

BPP students demystify Covid19

BPP law students nationally and globally have worked together remotely in teams to put together fact sheets in the following areas:


2. Covid-19 factsheet Employees 12.05.20;

3. Self employed and gig economy workers;

4. Personal Finance;

5. Businesses;

6. Welfare Benefits;

7. Consumers;

8. Courts and prisons Factsheet;

9. travel abroad Factsheet;

10. Immigration and travel concerns factsheet;

11. Housing for Renters ;

12. Information for Homeowners and Landlords;

13. Family;

14. Domestic Abuse;

15. Conveyancing – Buyers Factsheet;

16.Conveyancing – Sellers Factsheet;

17. Coronavirus Bill;

18. Employment Factsheet ;

19. Homeless or Rough Sleepers.

All of the above can be accessed by clicking on the topic above you require information on.