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Volunteer for our pro bono opportunities

See the impact your professional education can make in your community, while developing the skills that potential employers want.
Your free time has never been better spent.

What will I gain from pro bono work?

– Develop key career skills including communication, problem solving, teamwork, emotional intelligence and professionalism.

– Client facing experience

– Enhance your understanding of academic theory

– Work alongside professionals

– Help improve access to justice, community outreach and widening participation

It’s an invaluable part of the training you’ll receive at BPP University.

Want to get involved?

We provide pro bono opportunities at all of our centres. Some projects run nationally and others help local communities.

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Your questions, answered

When can I participate in pro bono?

All current BPP University postgraduate students are able to participate in pro bono projects.

We aim to provide a wide range of projects to match your interests and level of commitment. Many students successfully combine their studies, work and personal lives with some pro bono work.

How do I volunteer for a project?

If you’re a current student, you’ll first need to register with the BPP Pro Bono Centre. You’ll then have the opportunity to apply for projects you are interested in. If you are selected, you’ll attend a training session and then start delivering pro bono services.

If you’re a prospective student and want to learn more, you can contact our Pro Bono Centre as soon as you have accepted your offer by emailing:

Can I ask for a record of my work?

You’ll gain practical legal experience by volunteering with BPP Pro Bono Centre, often working with real clients. It’s a good idea to keep a detailed record of your work and achievements, as this can be especially useful when preparing for interviews.

We encourage all students to maintain a Pro Bono Record to track their work and reflect on their development during their time with the BPP Pro Bono Centre. The Record is available to all students through Career Hub. At the end of your studies, you can then use this Record to gain a BPP Pro Bono Centre Certificate of Contribution.

Are there any rules about participating in pro bono?

We are passionate about helping students to use their skills to deliver our pro bono projects. However, our most important priority is to provide our clients with top quality and efficient professional services, whether that is legal advice, administrative support or community outreach.

For this reason, you will be required to agree to our Pro Bono Pledge when you register for the BPP Pro Bono Centre.

This means you agree to act with the highest possible professional standards, including managing your time and performing the tasks required of you in the best interests of your client.

You will also need to attend and participate fully in training for your projects. The content and duration of training differs depending on the project but may include skills training, legal training and more practical information.

I’m a distance learner. Can I take part?

We believe our students from any location, whether in the UK or abroad, should have the opportunity to participate in pro bono work.

The BPP Pro Bono Centre is the most accessible it has ever been, for our clients, student volunteers and our professional partners alike. Our flagship projects like the BPP Legal Advice Clinic, the Employment Law Telephone Advice Line (‘ELTAL’) and Streetlaw, are capable of remote and face to face delivery, meaning that students can support our work, regardless of their location.

If you’d like to take part, you still need to register with the BPP Pro Bono Centre.

How can I share my pro bono experience?

We believe that our students are best placed to help us shape the future of the BPP Pro Bono Centre.

We regularly survey our student volunteers to capture feedback about their volunteering and we encourage students to share their experiences through our BPP Pro Bono Centre blog.

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